The Lindisfarne Historical Society formed at a public meeting on 12th July 1992 at the Lindisfarne Community Activities Centre.

Membership is just $25 per annum ($40 for couples) and open to all who enjoy historical subjects at large and, in particular, the historical heritage of the Lindisfarne district including Rose Bay, Geilston Bay and Risdon.

Monthly meetings for members, friends and the general public are held alternatively on Monday afternoons at 2pm one month and Friday evenings at 7.30pm the following month.

Meetings are held at the Lindisfarne Community Activities Centre, unless otherwise specified, where speakers present on topics of historical interest, we exchange views and memories and share information.

We also organise occasional field trips to places of historical interest and our History Room in Lindisfarne Village provides an information and research point, including our book ‘Lindisfarne Heritage’ available for $30.

In April 2015 we became a not-for-profit incorporated association with an elected Management Committee (meets monthly).